Lundi 11
annulé / geannuleerd / canceled
Big Business
Vu l'annulation de la tournée européenne de Big Business en raison du corona virus, ce concert est malheureusement annulé

◆ Big Business

Big Business is a two-piece rock band from Los Angeles, CA.
There's plenty of volume and feelings for party screaming, solo screaming, or just getting through what you're going through.

Jared Warren sings and plays bass, keys and loops. Coady Willis plays drums and bells and also sings sometimes.

Big Business began in Seattle, WA in 2003. They have 6 full length albums, the latest of which is called THE BEAST YOU ARE and it came out in April 2019. Check it out!

Fun Facts: Jared and Coady moved to Los Angeles in 2006, and in addition to Big Business they joined up with THE MELVINS and toured and made albums with those guys for about 8 years. How about that?

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During their 15 years of existence, Belgium's DAGGERS have worked hard on creating unique and singular records to forge a very personal sound. Their new full-length "It's not Jazz, It's Blues" is an entire different animal than on their crust-infused hardcore previous releases, delivering twelve epic tracks that will drag you down to the bottom of the earth and shred the living out of you with the haste and anger of a thousand rusty swords. Captured in an organic live recording setting, "It's not Jazz, it's Blues" takes a hypnotic, noisy approach to the band's claustrophobic blend of punk and metal, more ruthless and vicious than ever.

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